Chairperson Desk

Dear Parents,

It is said, ‘ A child’s first teacher is his/her mother’. A universal truth that is often forgotten by the mother herself as she gets over the initial joy and excitement of her child’s birth ! The excitement at a baby’s first cry, first utterance of ‘Ma’,first step to walk,first birthday and first day at school , fades away with the monotony of her daily routine at home as well as at her place of work. As days turn into years, while the child grows up he/she inadvertently absorbs every word spoken , every action taken complete with body gestures, mannerisms, values and language used by the mother and the father and other members of the family. This is reflected in the character and the personality of the child when he/she grows up.

I take this opportunity to implore upon you parents, to make a conscious attempt so as not to miss any opportunity of ‘ just being there’ with your child when he/she needs you during many delicate moments while they are growing up.

Mrs Raj Kamal Chauhan