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Education For Perfection

St.Xavier's High School, Satyanagar came into existence on April,2000.At the first year of opening it was located at Kharvela Nagar,then it was shifted to Satyanagar .St.Xavier's High School,Satyanagar is a branch of excellence where students can understand the worth of education as well as lead a good life ahead.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the institution is to give the pupils an all round education i.e moral, academic, social and physical education based on high ideals and principles. The pupils are expected to play their part in life and appreciate true refinement and culture, especially the culture of our own country. But above all stress is laid on good conduct, character formation, commitment to justice, liberation of the poor and oppressed. The definition of a 'School of education for Perfection' rests upon the two terms, 'School' and 'Perfection' while 'School', points up to regrouping of discipline to promote flexibility in curricular that can make education suit the need, ability and means of the learner. 'Perfection' emphasizes the refusal to compromise on quality as it shall be evident in the advancement of knowledge. The motto, therefore, is an invitation to keep striving for the best, for excellence in studies and all other training imparted or received. The emblem symbolizes 'Heights of Excellence in imparting modern education with dedication in its propagation.St.Xavier's High School,Satyanagar is an example of the above motto to be worked on very truly.

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