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Mrs. Archana Mishra
Mrs. Archana Mishra

It is a great privilege and pleasure for me to write a message for our website. It will provide first hand information of the entire school activities in both academic and co-curricular fields which are carried out throughout the year. Schools, with cooperation of teachers and students build the future of our country and its prosperity. School is a factory where good useful citizens are made to replace their senior citizens in a continuous process. We, at St.Xavier’s ,Satyanagar, believe that education is incomplete without discipline, which lays the foundation of an “Organised Way of Living”.

Every child is blessed with some talent and education which enables to unearth the talent and bring out the best in the child which is further refined and accelerated by discipline. Good manners, etiquettes, discipline, behaviour towards elders are the qualities which are the building blocks in our attempt to provide a well defined shape to the future citizens of our nation.

“As the twig is bent, the tree is inclined,” says an old proverb. If the young plant is not straight, then it will not develop in to a strong tree. So at Xavier’s we allow our children to inculcate and imbibe positive and constructive qualities which would lead them to the path of success.

Mrs Archana Misra